Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hansul und Grettle

A piece for class.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Zine - Zombie Diet

I also really like this one... just thought 'cuz in zombie movies the zombies are always eating people and don't stop... don't they get really fat or something?

Zine - Don't Stop Me

.... makes you wanna dance right.

Zine - Killer Carrot

Killer Carrot is probably one of my fav. characters in the zine I made... yay killer carrot.."rar"

Zine - Sleepy Gator

Sleepy gator... so sleepy when I drew.... can you tell?

Zine - What Do You Remember?

Yup more zine characters

Zine - College Frog

One of my characters from my zine - College Frog!

Zine - Welcome Rabbit

The first page of my first zine I had to do for one of my classes.

Squirrel Patrol

An album cover design, made up band.... another assignment. I like it..

Japanese Teatime

Another class assignment.... I like doing costuming... yay

Creature museum

One of my assignment... Strange creatures... creature museum.

Paper Bag Man

Hello~ all! Ayae here! Gonna use this place to post some of my artwork. If you like it then great! If not.... don't care.... WMAHAHAHA!!!!

This actually one of my fav. characters I drew... so hot haha!!